“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen.  Nor can it be carried away.  Managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world”. (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Green Street Commercial, Real Estate & Investments is a commercial real estate brokerage specializing in representing Tenants and Buyers for the following types of properties in the Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada  Metropolitan areas.

We do not represent Landlords or property owners.  By only representing only Tenants and Buyers we can concentrate 100% of our attention and fiduciary to our clients.  We also do NOT believe that a real estate broker or agent can honestly or ethically represent both buyer and seller or tenant and landlord on the same transaction.


Light Industrial


We pride ourselves in providing unsurpassed quality and service to our tenants, buyers and investors.

Contact us for all of your commercial real estate needs at rkicklighter@greenstreetcommercial.com or call us at 623.628.9544 in Arizona or 702.405.8911 in Nevada.


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